How to choose a dust-free cloth?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-16

The correct selection of the required dust-free cloth material should follow the following steps:

1. Identify the objects that need to be clear and the requirements for cleanliness.

2. Determine the compatibility with the solvent used

Sub-microfiber dust-free cloth materials are all polymer materials, and in the process of cleaning, organic solvents must be used for cleaning, which is the problem of the solubility parameters of polymer materials. When using a microfiber dust-free cloth, first check the solubility parameters. The closer the solubility parameter of the sub-microfiber dust-free cloth is to the solubility parameter of the solvent, the easier the sub-microfiber dust-free cloth is to be dissolved by the solvent. !

3. Determine the type of dust-free material to choose

4. Determine the in-plant assessment method for dust-free materials

For the evaluation of wiping materials, a combination of cleanliness evaluation and practical application effects should be established. Whether the general clean cloth is suitable should be summed up from the first three points after summarizing which sub-microfiber clean cloth to choose, and then aiming at this This kind of sub-microfiber dust-free cloth puts forward the requirements of cleanliness. The cleanliness of the sub-microfiber dust-free cloth material is a key aspect of its quality, and the cleanliness directly affects the decontamination ability of the sub-microfiber dust-free cloth.

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