How to choose cotton swabs? Check it out to know the difference!

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-06

The dust-free wiping stick is essentially different from the cotton swab. The cotton swab head is made of cotton, which cannot be cleaned without dust, and may be scraped off during the wiping process. As for the dust-free wiper, the material of the head is divided into two types: sponge head and cloth head, both of which have been cleaned and packaged in a clean room, while wiping paper and cotton swabs can only be used for product wiping in ordinary environments.

Scope of application of medical cotton swabs: suitable for cleaning and disinfection of skin or trauma.

The instant cotton swab includes a cotton swab and a cotton tip fixed at one end of the cotton swab, the cotton swab is a hollow stick, and the medicine is stored in it, and the end of the hollow stick that fixes the cotton head is provided with an oil seal for sealing the medicine , and the other end is provided with an end seal.

The role of cotton swabs

The varieties of cotton swabs can be divided into electronic and optoelectronic cotton swabs, medical and beauty cotton swabs, household cotton swabs, and other fields in the industry. The household cotton swab is small and powerful, and the cotton swab is widely used, such as some daily cleaning of the ears. There is also an injury that can be used to wipe, and the MM who often wears makeup can be used to remove makeup.

But it is worth mentioning that there are also excellent cotton swabs. A good cotton swab is designed to be suitable for children's use. The material must be safe, no fluorescent agent is required, and the cotton needs to be soft and comfortable. Children's cotton swabs are mainly used to clean the dirt from the navel folds for babies, especially newborns who need this kind of care. It can remove the dirt accumulated in the ear holes; clean the secretions in the nasal cavity; it can also wipe the eye wax in the corners of the eyes, etc. Wait.

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