How to choose high-quality medical cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-04

Medical cotton swabs are mainly made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch. The raw materials include absorbent cotton and rods. The quality of absorbent cotton used to make cotton balls requires that the cotton fibers of the cotton swab should be soft, white, odorless, and must not have macular, Stains and foreign objects; the surface of plastic rods and paper rods should be smooth, without burrs, and there should be no stains or foreign objects; the surface of wooden rods and bamboo rods should be smooth, without breakage, and there should be no stains or foreign objects.

Medical cotton swabs are non-toxic, non-irritating, have good water absorption, and are easy to use. The storage conditions should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation, and avoid high temperature. And it has the pull-off force of the cotton head, that is, the cotton stick should be tight inside and loose outside, and it can withstand 100g tensile force and the cotton head does not fall off completely; and the anti-bending performance, the bar should be able to withstand 100g external force without permanent deformation or breakage.

Medical cotton swabs generally come into direct contact with the patient's wound, and have relatively high requirements for sterilization. Therefore, for the selection of absorbent cotton raw materials for making cotton swabs, raw materials that meet the requirements of national standards and industry standards must be selected, as well as the requirements for the quality of rods, regardless of whether Whether it is a plastic rod, a paper rod or a wooden rod, it should meet the specified requirements and can withstand a certain external force without permanent deformation or breakage.

When using medical cotton swabs, it should be noted that

1. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is for one-time use. It should be destroyed uniformly after use;

2. If it is found that there is rupture and air leakage, it must be sterilized again before it can be used;

3. Avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight;

4. Please place it out of reach of children;
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