How to choose medical cotton swab_

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-02

How to choose medical cotton swabs
The cotton tip of the medical cotton swab has strong water absorption. After absorbing the disinfectant, the disinfectant can wipe the skin evenly to achieve the disinfection effect. It is suitable for disinfecting the skin during injection and surgical dressings, and can also be used for makeup and makeup removal. Below, Shenzhen Kelim will teach you how to buy medical cotton swabs.

1. Before purchasing medical cotton swabs, you must first look at the product packaging logo and product manual. Medical cotton swabs are generally divided into two types, one is non-sterile and the other is sterile. The medical cotton swab product instructions or finished product packaging indicate whether it is sterile or non-sterile.

2. Aseptically packaged medical cotton swabs can be used directly, while non-sterile medical cotton swabs must be sterilized before use.

3. For medical cotton swabs with sterile packaging, the sterile validity period, the date of manufacture or the production batch number, the prohibited instructions or logos for damaged packaging, the one-time use instructions or the prohibited re-use logo must be indicated in the packaging logo. If the package is found to be damaged or beyond the expiration date, do not purchase or use it anymore.

4. Buying medical cotton swabs also depends on the appearance of the product. The cotton tip of the medical cotton swab should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure white in color, free of other fibers and processed substances, and the bamboo swab should be smooth and firm.

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