How to choose medical cotton swabs?

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-04

Medical cotton swabs generally directly contact the patient's wound, which requires relatively high sterilization. In addition, for the selection of absorbent cotton raw materials for making cotton swabs, raw materials that meet the requirements of national standards and industry standards must be selected.

Medical cotton swabs are non-toxic, non-irritating, have good water absorption, and are easy to use. The appearance of medical cotton swabs is clean and tidy. This product is a sterilization-grade product when disinfecting the patient's skin, treating wounds, and smearing liquid medicine.

Physical properties of medical cotton swabs

1. Pull-off force of cotton head: the cotton stick roll should be tight inside and loose outside, and can withstand 100g pulling force and the cotton head does not fall off completely;

2. Bending resistance: the bar should be able to withstand 100g external force without permanent deformation or breakage;

So how to choose medical cotton swabs?

For the purchase of medical cotton swabs, you should go to regular hospitals or pharmacies to buy them. You should pay attention to observe the cotton material, color, etc. In addition, you should ensure that the packaging is sealed and the production date. In addition, for the selection of absorbent cotton raw materials for making cotton swabs, it must be selected to meet national standards and industry standards.

The requirements for the quality of cotton swabs, whether they are plastic sticks, paper sticks or wooden sticks, should meet the specified requirements and can withstand a certain external force without permanent deformation or breakage. According to market observations, there are indeed some inferior cotton swabs on the market. The principle is to use dirty cotton similar to black heart cotton after drifting, and white latex is added for the appearance of neatness. However, it may lead to aggravation of the disease, so I advise everyone not to be too frugal in the aspect of medical cotton swabs. Buying trustworthy medical cotton swabs in a regular store has more quality assurance.

When storing cotton swabs, ensure that the packaging is airtight, and also note that cotton swabs should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of not more than 80%, no corrosive gases and good ventilation, and avoid high temperatures. When using cotton swabs, it should be noted that this product is sterilized by ethylene oxide. It is for one-time use and should be destroyed uniformly after use. High temperature, humidity, direct sunlight, please place it out of reach of children.
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