How to identify the quality of single-use flocked swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-02

How to identify the quality of single-use flocked swabs

Disposable flocking swabs are mainly used in the medical industry, so the quality requirements are relatively strict. The following editors have compiled a few methods to identify the quality of disposable flocking swabs, hoping to help everyone.

1. The density of single-use flocking swabs is poor, which can be distinguished intuitively by the eyes. Some color pastes may look difficult. At this time, it depends on the hand feel. The appearance with good density feels plump and thick. The appearance of poor density feels that the fluff is easy to fall.

2. The fluff height is not enough, which is relative to the customer's requirements. Customers require 1.0MM hair height, many factories often have 0.8MM hair height instead, inexperienced people often can't tell the difference, then you can use a magnifying glass to see.
3. It is very important that the fastness of the one-time use flocking swab hair is relatively simple to distinguish. If the nails are hard, shave them directly. If the fastness is not good, they will be scraped immediately. If there are no nails, you can consider coins or other hard materials. order something.

4. Others such as: formaldehyde content, wet grinding, dry cleaning and water fastness, sun exposure, etc., cannot be felt by the naked eye and hand feel, and need to be tested by professional institutions.

The above points are the relevant knowledge on how to identify the quality of disposable flocking swabs compiled by the editor. I believe that everyone will have some help after reading it. If you want to consult more relevant information, you can pay attention to the company's website.
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