How to identify the quality of the purified cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-11
The use of purified cotton swabs are mostly used in precision instruments to wipe, or is difficult to clean up the place. Some products in a clean, may be higher requirements about the quality of the cotton itself, so must ensure that the quality of the cotton itself must meet the requirements. Where is that how to distinguish the quality of the cotton swabs, purification of cotton quality is good? Swab in shenzhen as an example, how to distinguish the quality of the cotton swabs, we teach you the following: 1, cotton swabs, the overall packing is better, because swab manufacturer pays attention to packaging, also is to purify the swab put on protective clothing; 2, the color of the cotton swabs wants even, because some cotton swabs manufacturer in order to save costs, the different quality of purified cotton mixed together; 3, can contact the seller send the sample to test or inspection in advance using effect;
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