How to judge a good clean cotton swabs?

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-02
Now we often use in our daily life to swab, but believe a lot of people found from the market to buy the cotton swabs, good or bad quality difference is obvious, so if want to purchase or use cotton swabs mass, it is very important to advance judge of the cotton swabs, the following is to introduce to you by what way to judge the stand or fall of clean cotton swabs. The purity of the first swab is one of the important factors to consider. Use clean cotton swabs among families sometimes to clean the wound with such products, if the purity of the cotton processing is not good, and may make the wound infection, and even play the effect of less than the product, at this point we can't judge from the naked eye, so in the choice should be appropriate to consider the local swab manufacturer, the manufacturer needs to have qualified certificates of production, manufacturer of word of mouth of good, of course, is also very necessary. In addition, the wear resistance of clean cotton swabs is also necessary to investigate, if swabs after use in the ear or is wound left cotton is very bad, a good cotton swabs, shall be swab head clean and soft, not easy to wear and tear.
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