How to judge the quality of dust-free cotton swabs?​​

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-23
How to judge the quality of dust-free cotton swabs?​​

Now we often use cotton swabs in our daily life, but I believe that many people find that the difference between good and bad cotton swabs purchased from the market is obvious, so if you want to buy or use cotton swabs on a large scale, you should It is very important to judge the quality of cotton swabs. Let me introduce to you the ways to judge the quality of dust-free cotton swabs.​​

First of all, the cleanliness of the swab is an important factor to consider. If dust-free cotton swabs are used in the family, sometimes such products are used to clean the wound. If the cleanliness of the cotton swab is not handled well, the wound may be infected, and the product may not even have the desired effect. It is impossible to judge from the naked eye, so the manufacturer in front of Wu Cheng should be properly considered when choosing. The manufacturer needs to have a qualified production certificate. Of course, it is also very necessary to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation.​​

In addition, the abrasion resistance of the dust-free cotton swab is also necessary to be investigated. If the cotton swab leaves cotton wool on the ear or wound after use, it is very bad. An excellent cotton swab should be a cotton swab. The head is clean and soft, not easy to wear.
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