How to judge whether the dust-free sponge swab is a high-density imported sponge or a domestic sponge

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-06

The most common use of cotton swabs is to clean or stroke the ear canal or to remove earwax. Although this is not a medically recommended method for removing earwax, cotton swabs are widely used in personal hygiene. It is also often used outside the field, usually for the construction of plastic model boxes, for decoration or application in the painting process. The specific uses of cotton swabs include the following parts:

1. Clean the keyboard: Use a cotton swab to take cleaning solution or disinfectant to clean out the dirt in the cracks of the keyboard;

2. Cleaning the hair dryer: Insert the cotton swab into the hair dryer for cleaning, which can avoid the trouble of dismantling and washing and clean the dirt;

3. Lighting candles: Light a cotton swab with a lighter, and you can use it as a candle;

4. Remove eye puffiness: Massage the eye area with a frozen cotton swab, which can effectively remove swelling and restore the look of the eyes;

5. Dyeing hair: When you dye your hair at home, it is easy to ignore the roots of the hair. Use a cotton swab to dip the hair dye and apply it to the roots of the hair;

6. Perfume stick: wet a cotton swab with perfume, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and carry it with you, you can take it out and apply it at any time;

In daily life, most of the mattresses, cushions and sofas we use are domestic sponges. High-density imported sponges are not common. In the dust-free purification industry, some manufacturers pursue profits in order to reduce production costs. Using domestic high-imitation imported sponges instead of high-density imported sponges, the quality of the products can be imagined.

What are the characteristics of high-density imported sponge swabs and domestic sponge swabs?

High-density imported sponge cotton swab has good elasticity, uniform thickness, light weight, stable quality, slightly soft feel, not easy to be broken by pulling, smells very light, wiping product is not easy to be broken, stronger cleanliness, almost no slag wiping, durable .

Domestic sponge cotton swabs are heavier in weight, slightly different in elasticity, slightly hard, rough, and smelly, and the wiping products are easy to break, drop slag, not durable, and cheap.

Therefore, we can easily judge by understanding the characteristics of high-density imported sponge swabs and domestic sponge swabs.
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