How to Keep Your Card Reader in Top Shape with Regular Cleaning

by:Cleanmo      2023-06-28

How to Keep Your Card Reader in Top Shape with Regular Cleaning

Does your card reader malfunction or fail to read cards and take payment? If so, then your card reader could use some cleaning. Don't fret about it, though, as cleaning your card reader is simple with the right tools and solutions.

Regular cleaning of your card reader can save you time and money. It extends the life of your device, which allows you to maximize your investment. This article will provide useful tips and tricks for keeping your card reader in top shape with regular cleaning.

Why do you need to clean your card reader?

For any business accepting credit and debit card payments, it's vital to keep their payment acceptance equipment functioning at its best. One way to do this is through regular cleaning. Card readers can get dirty over time and form a layer of film or dust on their surfaces. Dirt or grime can interfere with the connections in your card reader that manage the data transfer. Dirt can also damage your card reader's magnetic head, which could cause the device not to function correctly.

Over time, a dirty card reader can become corroded, leading to more significant problems down the road. Clean card readers read cards efficiently and without errors, ensuring work is done accurately and quickly, which is why cleaning it is crucial.

How do you clean your card reader?

Cleaning your card reader is relatively easy, requiring only two items, a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. You can also use other cleaning solutions such as window cleaner instead of rubbing alcohol. Remember to read the user manual for your card reader to check the recommended cleaning products. Now, follow these steps to clean your card.

1. Turn off your card reader: A protective step before cleaning your card reader is to switch it off. Turning off your card reader ensures that the device is not damaged, and you can clean it safely. Remove the cable from your card reader by unplugging it from the power source.

2. Use a microfiber cloth: Use a microfiber cloth or another soft fabric to clean the surface of the card reader. Avoid using paper towels, harsh abrasive cloths, or scouring pads to clean your card reader. Microfiber cloths are gentle, can effectively remove any dust and grime that your card reader may have built.

3. Dip your cloth in rubbing alcohol: Pour some rubbing alcohol onto your cloth or spray a small amount onto the fabric. Avoid pouring too much alcohol as it could damage your device, a few sprays or dips are enough. Rubbing alcohol effectively removes grime off the surface of your card reader while disinfecting your device.

4. Wipe and repeat: Use the rubbing alcohol-soaked microfiber cloth to wipe off dirt from your card reader. Repeat the cleaning process until no more dirt comes off the surface of your card reader.

5. Leave to dry: Let your card reader dry for an hour or two until it's completely dry. The alcohol content in the cleaning solution evaporates quickly and doesn't damage the surface of your device. Once dried, your card reader should work flawlessly.

When should you clean your card reader?

The frequency of cleaning your card reader depends on how often you use it. Regular cleaning is required to prevent build-up of dust or debris that may interfere with device communication, e.g., debit or credit card swipes. Cleaning your card reader at regular intervals helps remove dirt from the surface of your device, ensuring it works correctly.

Card readers for businesses are regularly used regularly, especially during peak times. In that case, card readers should be cleaned daily to avoid electronic interference. On the other hand, home-based businesses or individuals can target cleaning their card readers at least once a week.

What are the benefits of cleaning your card reader regularly?

Cleaning your card reader gives your device an extended life, and here are some benefits of regularly cleaning your card reader.

1. Saves you money: The more you clean your card reader, the more money you save. Your device will not malfunction due to dirty surfaces, saving you the cost of repairs or replacement.

2. Accurate and efficient payments: Regular cleaning ensures the device functions as intended. Dirt build-up is known to interfere with communication between the card and the card reader, causing payment errors.

3. Aesthetic appeal: Regular cleaning makes your card reader look new, and it's free from dirt.

4. Bacterial control: Regular cleaning and use of rubbing alcohol disinfect your device. Cleaning eases bacterial transfer, since card readers can be touched by different people.

5. Top-notch performance: Routine cleaning of your card reader keeps the device functional and efficient; this reduces downtime and helps run your business smoothly.


Regular cleaning of your card reader ensures it remains in top shape and reduces the risk of it malfunctioning. This article has highlighted the critical benefits of cleaning your card reader and easy steps to clean your device effectively. Regularly clean your card reader using a simple cloth and rubbing alcohol to extend the life of your device.

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