How to maintain the performance of microfiber wipes? Correct use

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-07

Microfiber dust-free cloth is one of the rapidly developing differentiated fibers in modern times. It is called a new generation of synthetic fibers. It is a high-quality and high-tech textile raw material. A typical representative of the newly developed synthetic fiber, due to the small diameter of the fiber, its bending stiffness is small and the hand is particularly soft.

The specific surface area of ​​the fiber is large, so the coverage, bulkiness and warmth retention of the fiber fabric are significantly improved. The fiber with a large specific surface area has more contact with dust or oil, and the oil has more opportunities to penetrate from the gap between the fiber surfaces. Therefore, it has a strong cleaning function.

The microfiber dust-free cloth cannot be packaged directly after cutting, because the microfiber fabric will absorb the dust on the surface of the machine and affect the performance of the dust-free cloth. It must be professionally purified and cleaned before packaging.

1. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after washing;

2. The use of bleach will shorten the service life of microfiber cleaning wipes;

3. Use the isolation room washing machine and washing powder to wash or hand wash with warm water and detergent;

4. Do not use softener. Softeners leave a film on the surface of the microfibers. Will seriously affect the wiping effect;

5. When washing or drying in a washing machine with other clothes, pay attention, because the microfiber fabric will absorb the surface of the soft clothes, which will affect the use effect. Dry in the air or dry at medium and low temperature. Do not iron and exposure;

Correct use of dust-free cloth

1. Wear clean gloves and masks when using and unpacking;

2. When wiping, wrap the four sides of the clean cloth inside, and do not use the edge of the clean cloth to touch the surface of the wipe;

3. The clean cloth can be wiped with solvent or wiped directly;

4. When using, the dust-free cloth should be kept flat and not rubbed. When moving and wiping, try to make the fibers of the cloth in full contact with the wiping surface. Make sure to wipe in the same direction (straight line wiping), and do not wipe back and forth repeatedly.

5. When using the high-end dust-free cloth, the inner packaging bag must be opened in a clean environment, and the packaging bag should be cleaned (especially the opening) before unpacking.
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