how to make your buttercream completely smooth on your cake

by:Cleanmo      2020-02-29
Fudge icing is popular for its smooth and perfect finished look.
Unfortunately, the taste of fudge, especially the packaged one, leaves something that is needed.
Cream icing will inevitably return.
Can you get the same wonderful look as fondant? Â Yes.
How do you get a smooth and perfect look with cream icing? Â Easy!
Follow the method below for smooth cream icing.
For cream recipes for all butter or shortening and butter, the first method works best.
Tools need metal spatula cake sugar tip (optional)
Exacto knife Spackling knife (
Bought from hardware store and only sold cake decorationTurn table (
Optional but recommended)
The parchment method turned the pot upside down.
Trace down anything you use for the cake board (
Foam core, cardboard, wood, etc).
Cover the outline with parchment paper about 1-
2 inch larger than the outline of pana outline.
Safety tape to ensure no wrinkles.
Use your favorite butter cream sugar cream recipe to paint the area of the circle in inches thick and extend to the outline.
Place the cake plate in the refrigerator for pure butter cream icing or place the refrigerator in the refrigerator for partial shortening --
Based on cream icing until firm, about 10 minutes.
After thoroughly freezing, remove the cake plate from the refrigerator/freezer, remove the cake layer on the top, place it upside down in the center of the ice seal, and the top of the cake should touch the sugar ring.
Fill and add additional layers.
Remember to put the top layer of the cake before the bottom layer.
Lightly apply the crumbs on the side of the cake and cool for a few minutes to set the cream so that the crumbs do not enter your last layer of cream icing.
When the bread crumbs coating is cooled, place the cake plate with the cake on the turntable.
Dip the spackling knife into hot water and dry it with a paper towel.
Using a hand and spackling knife, by leaning the blade against the side of the cake at an angle of 45 degrees, apply the last layer of cream to the required thickness, turn the cake and smooth cream icing while applying.
Make sure that the spackling knife touches the parchment paper, otherwise a line of icing will be rolled out under it! !
Once the cream icing reaches the required thickness on the cake, repeat it in one action, do not icing, rotate the cake slowly so that the spackling knife does not stop touching the cake.
Smooth any icing on the bottom (currently top)
Cake with a small shovel.
Repeat until the two sides go well.
If there is any icing under the blade when this step is performed, just push it away.
Once you are satisfied with the smoothness of light, use the exacto knife to carefully cut the parchment paper from the board around the cake.
Do not remove parchment paper.
Carefully put the cake back in the fridge/freezer for 10 minutes.
Prepare the cake board for service by applying some cream icing.
Remove the cake from the fridge/freezer, place it on the service board and flip the cake quickly.
Remove the cardboard, but leave the parchment.
10 minutes back to the fridge/freezer.
Carefully remove the parchment paper.
The cake should be very smooth and the edges are clear and clean.
Recommended formula for cream and sugar cream: Ingredients: 1 cup shortening of 3 butter at room temperature (
Avoid short tail without fat)
2 pounds powdered sugar 1 tablespoon clear vanilladitions: Mix butter and shortening until sugar is added at one time and then mix in a low amount.
The mixture will dry, but will become smooth when mixed.
If it is too hard, heat a few tablespoons of milk in the microwave until it is very hot, add one tablespoon at a time until smooth.
Add vanillaFor shortened-
The second method works best.
It is highly recommended that you use the cream formula of scabs.
Tools Needed
Density of foam drum (
Pot for cake and shape)6âx80x9d high-
Density of foam drum (
All other cakes)
Sugar tip of metal spatula cake (optional)
As usual, Viva paper towel cake including bread crumbs coating.
If you are not familiar with the icing cake, start with the above method until you start using the spackling knife without cream icing.
Light and smooth icing;
It is not perfect at this point.
Allow complete crust.
It takes about 15 minutes; in high-
Humidity, it may take 30 minutes.
If you use a non
Cream icing and cold storage to icing suit.
Pick up the foam roller and roll gently over the top of the cake.
Note: the paint roller is a highly important material
The density foam roller or it will not smooth the cake.
Use long, light, soft strokes throughout the surface.
Do not use short or quick strokes as this may change the icing.
Continue to roll high gently-
The density foam roller on the cake until there are no bumps, wrinkles or air bags.
Once the top is finished, repeat it with the side of the cake.
Make sure to completely hit the side of the cake from top to bottom in a single stroke.
Decorate the top and sides between the roller and the cake with Viva tissue for a better finish.
The Viva brand paper towel has no pattern and has a smooth surface.
You can replace Viva tissue with parchment paper.
Troubleshoot removing icing from the cake and sticking to the roller head: either (1)
Cream and icing is not good enough.
Allow more time to come to the crust (
If non-refrigeratedcrusting icing)OR Â (2)
You use short, raw strokes.
Gently manipulate icing with longer, slower, smoother strokes.
When I roll to freeze, the freeze breaks and looks dry: the freeze is too rough.
Re-apply a thin layer of icing and tumbling before icing and tumbling gets too dry.
The air holes don\'t go away when I roll: use a slightly hard pressure.
While you don\'t want to push down to freeze, you do want to push hard to smooth the bubbles and holes.
Before and after the first use, the drum care drum foam pad is used with soap and hot water.
Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water with your fingers.
For the simplest cleaning, do not apply soap directly to the foam.
Wash the soap with your hand and then wash the foam with your hand.
Let the foam dry completely before use.
It is recommended that you complete the work at least 1 day in advance.
The roller must be completely dry before using this method.
It is recommended to have a roller refill head in case the foam gets wet or damaged during smooth cake.
Foam rollers may be stained with colored cream icing but will not affect use.
If washed well, color stains should not bleed to white cakes during continuous use.
If not sure, before using on the cake, test by rolling some icing on the waxed paper.
Recommended sugar gourd cream icing formula for salon: ingredients: 5 cups of sugar powder 4 tablespoons seasoning food
12 tablespoons of hot coffee cream. (
11-use powder and mixture
12 tablespoons powder to 11-
12 tablespoons hot water---almost boiling)
Direction: cream shortening, seasoning and hot liquid with paddle attachment until well combined and creamy.
Then run at a speed of 1 with a mixer and flow in 3 pounds of the powdered sugar.
When merged, stop a little and scrap the sides of the bowl.
Flow in the last 2 pounds of sugar at a speed of 1.
Increase the mixer to Speed 6 when merging and let it beat 5-7 min.
Until very smooth.
When the mixer is at a speed of 6, often scrape the sides of the bowl.
Before using it with practice, these methods will make your cream frosted cake look as smooth as a fudge, but the taste will be better.
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