How to properly collect and store oral swab samples?_

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-03

The use of disposable oral swabs as the collection samples for paternity testing is a routine test material tool for DNA privacy paternity testing. It has high concealment and is non-invasive and painless to collect samples. More importantly, oral swab samples are suitable for people of all ages, adults and children, and become the first choice for DNA paternity testing. So for parties who want to use oral swabs for paternity testing, how should the oral swab samples in DNA testing be preserved?

We all know that the paternity test sample is a prerequisite for the paternity test. Whether the sample is collected correctly is directly related to the accuracy of the paternity test result. Therefore, it is suggested that when the parties choose to provide their own samples for paternity testing, they should contact the professionals of the corresponding testing institutions in advance to obtain the correct sample collection method, and it is also critical to select the appropriate sampling swab and storage method.

How to properly collect and store oral swab samples?

1. Preparation: Medical oral swabs (Class II license, sterilized and sterile verified, safe and secure), paper evidence packaging bags. Wear: Disposable sterile gloves, sterile non-woven masks. Fill out the evidence bag information form, mark the sample sampling date, and take two to three clean toilet papers and put them on the table.

2. Sampling: give the appraiser a glass of clean water (for gargling), and ask him to simply rinse his mouth to remove the food residues left in the mouth (if the appraiser is an infant, ask the guardian to feed a small amount of boiled water first), and then Ask the person to be identified to open his mouth naturally, and use a medical disposable sampling swab to gently press and rotate the oral swab on his tongue or buccal mucosa (both cheeks in the oral cavity) 3-5
lock up. In the same way, take 2-3 swab samples and place them on a clean paper towel to dry naturally in the shade. (Estimated about 2 hours)

3. After verifying that it is correct together with the appraiser, put the cotton swab that has just taken a good sample into the paper evidence packaging bag filled with the information of the appraiser.

The following points should be noted when collecting oral swab samples:

1: Avoid touching the swab head with your hands, rinse your mouth with water before collecting.

2: The samples collected by the above method can be stored in a dry environment for 2-3 months;

3: Oral swabs should be dried in the shade and put into paper envelopes to prevent mildew of the oral swabs from affecting the detection; oral swabs of different people need to be stored separately and identified.

4: Try not to eat, smoke and chew gum and betel nut before sampling.

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