How to use a nasal swab

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-03

Sampling swabs are mostly used in nucleic acid testing. Swabs are divided into nasal swabs and pharyngeal swabs. Both nasal swabs and pharyngeal swabs are methods to obtain human DNA. So how exactly is this nasal swab used? what about? Let's find out together!
What method is the nasal swab used for?
1. Please do not move the patient's head to remove the surface secretions from the anterior nostril
2. The distance from the nostril to the base of the ear is better with a wiper or other tools, and the finger is used as a mark
3. Gently and slowly insert the nasal swab from the nasal cavity.
4. Stay for a few seconds until it becomes a finger mark, or absorbs secretions after encountering resistance. (usually stay for 15-30 seconds, then gently rotate 3 times)
5. After gently rotating, take out the swab, put it into the virus collection tube (transport medium), fold the tail of the swab along the broken point, and put it into the tube completely. Close the lid of the tube.
6. When it is necessary to collect from both nostrils, a swab should be used to collect the other side.
7. Send it to the inspection room for inspection as soon as possible.

8. Pay attention to the information of the person being collected to avoid confusion.
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