How to use disposable cervical flocking sampling swab

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-07

How to use the disposable cervical flocking swab?

How to use cervical swab:

1. (Preparatory sampling)

First, make sure that the independent packaging of the self-sampler is intact and undamaged, and check whether the cell storage tube is damaged or leaking.

Qualified take out self-sampling swab for inspection, please clean your hands and vulva before sampling.

2. (Stand in the sampling position)

Raise one leg forward to ensure that the sampling swab is aimed at the vaginal opening after standing firmly and prepare for sampling; pay attention to maintaining balance during the sampling process to prevent falling;

3. (insert sampling swab)

Hold the handle and slowly insert the sampling head from the vagina to the external cervical orifice (there should be slight resistance at this time, but no pain);

4. (Collection of cervical cells)

Hold the brush handle and rotate the sampling brush slowly in the same direction for 4-5 circles to collect enough cervical cells (pay attention to moderate force, too light cannot get enough cells, too heavy may damage the cervix and cause bleeding).
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