Introduction to the adsorption capacity of microfiber dust-free cloth

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-24

How strong is the adsorption force of the ultra-fine wire dust-free cloth? Dust-free cloth manufacturers tell you:

The ultra-fine filament clean cloth is a special-shaped fiber, and its filament volume is generally only one-twentieth of the ordinary polyester filament. It can be seen that the ultra-fine filament clean cloth has a large contact surface with the surface to be cleaned! And it has a larger contact surface to bring better dust removal effect to the microfiber! In addition, the yarn of the microfiber dust-free clothing fabric is a bundled structure, which makes the tiny holes in the fabric smaller, and these tiny holes are much smaller than those on ordinary polyester fabrics! Therefore, in this regard, microfibers can show better ability to adsorb particles!

Taking dust-free cloth as an example, microfiber dust-free cloth can be used as a composite material of polyester and nylon. Because the molecular structure of nylon contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, its absorption is better than that of polyester (polyester has no hydrophilic groups, so Therefore, the absorbency is far less than that of nylon).

According to the analysis, from the perspective of the overall adsorption mechanism of sewage: 100% polyester dust-free fabrics are mainly adsorbed on the surface due to the high crystallinity of the fibers and are generally round fibers. Its surface adsorption method can make the dirt liquid have a larger distribution ratio between the clean cloth and the surface to be cleaned; and most of the ultra-fine fibers are special-shaped fibers, and its adsorption method for the dirt liquid is also surface adsorption and wicking , the wicking action can firmly control the contamination, thus avoiding reverse contamination. Therefore, microfibers can remove more particles than ordinary dust-free cloths. Therefore, many businesses have chosen ultra-fine dust-free cloth as an important cleaning product.

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