Introduction to the classification of the cotton swabs and application

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-14
Below, we here to discuss the classification and application of cotton swabs. Can be divided into the classification of the cotton swabs, cotton swabs applications, electronic swab, photoelectric, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, swab swab furniture, and other areas of the industry, etc. The commonly used have medicinal purification cotton swabs, cotton swabs, etc. Cotton swabs its material, shape variety, cotton, sponge, PU, polyester, rayon yarn, fabric, able to adapt to a variety of solvents to wipe. Small a swab role: cotton, powerful, cotton swabs were widely used, such as daily human certain parts of some clean up, such as the ear. And injury, can also be used to wipe the make-up of the MM to discharge makeup can often. But it is worth mentioning, good cotton swabs, cotton swabs also has a master, in addition to design accord with children to use. Materials must be safe, do not contain fluorescent agent is a must, cotton needs to be soft and comfortable.
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