Is it expensive to do a personal paternity test with hair?

by:Cleanmo      2022-09-27

First of all, we need to confirm that the hair can be used for paternity test? The answer is yes, but you need to pay attention to how the hair is extracted:

All cells with nuclei in the human body can be used for DNA identification, as long as the samples can contain these. Paternity test samples can be divided into two categories: regular samples and special samples. Regular samples include bloodstains, oral swabs, and hair with follicles. cleaning), disposable paper cups, mineral water bottles, muscles, teeth, bones, and even fetal amniotic fluid, but the difficulty and risk of DNA extraction are different.

Experts remind that when choosing a paternity test sample, you can refer to the following principles:

1. If you sample yourself or your child, it is recommended that you choose a non-invasive oral swab as the test sample;

2. If the child is under 5 years old, it is recommended that you use oral swabs or bloodstains as test samples;

3. If you want to identify the fetus, please go to the hospital to take amniotic fluid as a sample after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Popular science: How to collect effective hair?

1. Grasp the place about 4 cm away from the root of the hair with your hand, and quickly pull out 5 to 10 hairs (clear hair follicles can be seen at the end of the hair, that is, the white substance at the root of the hair).

2. It is recommended to put the plucked hair into the bag after drying at room temperature for a few minutes, because the hair that has just been picked is highly viscous. If it is put into the bag immediately, the hair follicle may stick to the wall of the bag, affecting the DNA quality. extract.

3. In order to ensure the test results and quality, please do not mail the hair that has fallen off, or the hair that has been placed for a long time after being pulled out.

4. The hair of different people should be stored separately and marked.

Correction: 'cutting' hair cannot extract DNA

If I am unable to come to the scene, it is recommended to use the DNA sampling products produced by Collim Company, which only needs to collect saliva.

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