Is there any difference between ordinary cleaning swabs and purification swabs?

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-29

Purification cotton swabs, also known as dust-free scrubbing sticks, dust-free cotton swabs, are a kind of cleaning and scrubbing cotton swabs produced and processed in dust-free purification workshops with high cleanliness. The biggest difference between purification cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs is the following three points: raw materials, functions, and advantages.
In terms of raw materials: the raw materials of dust-free purification cotton swabs/scrub sticks are divided into two types: sponge head and cloth head, both of which have been cleaned and packaged in a clean room. Due to the high-grade dust-free environment, the scrubbing consumables used must arrive Class 100 or above, only dust-free cotton swabs can meet the requirements, mainly used for HDD, PCB, FPD, lens, semiconductor and other industries to scrub attachments, dust and so on.

Advantage features:
a: Knitted nylon cloth (super wear-resistant)
b: Knitted microfiber (wipe fine dust, average wear resistance)
c: Woven microfiber (professional for fiber scrubbing)
d: Knitted polyester (the cloth surface is longitudinally grained, the gap is deep, and it can accommodate more dirt)
e : Non-woven head (low grade, but relatively less difficult to process and cheap)
The above clean cloth head cotton swabs can be used in class 100 clean room, suitable for electronic use. Sponge tip cotton swabs can be of the following two types depending on the density of the sponge and crumb removal:
One: Open-pore PU sponge, 100PPI (PPI--PORE PER INCH, refers to the number of holes per inch, the more the number, the finer the sponge, and the less easy it is to drop chips) The sponge density is lower, and it is easy to drop chips, but Fast water absorption, suitable for medical use;
Two: Open-pore PU sponge, 400-500PPI, higher density than 100PPI sponge, less prone to chip removal, high dust-free level, suitable for electronic use.

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