Learn about clean swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-13
Learn about clean swabs

Learn about the clean cotton swab 1 The cleaning head of the clean cotton swab The clean cotton swab uses a high-tech connector. The connector is usually made of fine fiber material. Its surface is very smooth and flexible, so it is not easy to wipe during the cleaning process. There is a loosening of the wiper head or a fall of lint. Moreover, the dust-free cotton swab has no hard edge, which is more convenient to wipe, and can wipe off those places that are not easy to reach with wiping tools, and has strong wiping ability. 2 The innovation of clean cotton swab The clean cotton swab adopts a rotating structure, which can be rotated better, and the wiping head and the wooden stick are better combined, which can realize comprehensive wiping and 360° wiping. The dust-free cotton swab adopts a wiping structure with physical properties. Through continuous wiping, it will not cause secondary pollution and can clean the delicate parts. 3 The material of the dust-free cotton swab The material of the dust-free cotton swab is very high-end, and generally requires high-end material to be made, especially for those advanced environments. Dust-free cotton swabs are mainly made of extremely fine fibers, which are not prone to debris and are easy to use. The sponge head is one of the components of the dust-free cotton swab, which can not only increase the softness of the cotton swab, but also absorb dust more easily, so it becomes a good tool for dust removal. 4 The cleaning ability of dust-free cotton swabs Dust-free is the basic requirement of many factories for advanced environments, so dust-free cotton swabs or dust-free cotton cloths are needed to deal with them. The dust-free cotton swab is small in size, but the wiping area is limited, so before use, it is necessary for friends to choose the corresponding things according to their specific needs. Generally, workers also use wiping sticks for cleaning activities. Dust-free cotton swabs can be wiped to achieve level 10 hygiene requirements.
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