man vows to stop cleaning ears with cotton swabs after surviving brain lining infection

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-14
A healthy 31-year-
According to a case report, the old man\'s brain liner was infected because some cotton swab was unknowingly in his ear.
The man arrived in the emergency room after a seizure and collapse.
For the past 10 days, he has been complaining about pain and severe secretions in his left ear, as well as recent headaches, nausea and vomiting, as detailed by his peers
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Doctor of the British Medical Journal Case report
The man suddenly forgot his name.
The doctor found that he has been battling some left ear pain and hearing loss for the past five years.
His GP gave him two different antibiotics to treat \"severe ear infections,\" the report said \".
It\'s a serious infection.
The case report states that a bone that has developed to the base of the skull and the lining of the brain.
The doctor decided to enter the patient\'s ear when he was under general anesthesia to see if they could determine the cause.
What they found was the tip of the cotton swab, wrapped in wax, discharge and \"debris \".
After the cotton swab was taken out, the man began to feel better.
At 10 weeks, the man did not report any neurological problems and had no symptoms of ear residue.
The case reported that he also promised not to use a cotton swab to clean his ears.
American Otolaryngology science will not encourage the use of cotton swabs, fingers or any other tool to remove earwax, saying that they actually do more harm than good.
The cotton swab can push the earwax further into the ear canal and cause temporary or permanent damage.
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