Medical cotton production requirements

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-15
Medical cotton production requirements of the time: 2016 - 06 - 16 18:00 source: WWW. mrkl。 com. Cn author: medical swabs have friends want to know about how to make medical cotton production requirements, now, with cotton swabs factory and see it. According to national standard and the pharmaceutical industry standard requirements, according to the related literature provides medical cotton absorbent cotton ball products must meet the following requirements. Medical cotton swabs of raw materials: 1, absorbent cotton: ( a) Absorbent cotton quality must conform to the YY0330 - making cotton ball 2002, held 'medical devices - a card', and the qualified factory inspection conclusion; ( b) Cotton cotton fiber should be soft, white, odorless, can not have macular, besmirch, foreign body. 2, bar: ( a) Plastic rod, wand of rod surface should be smooth, no burr, no stains, foreign body; ( b) Rods, bamboo rod rod surface should be smooth, no fault, can not have besmirch, foreign body. With medical absorbent cotton and natural medical swabs is made of birch, avirulent, without excitant, has the good water imbibition, easy to use. Medical cotton swabs for sterilization products, can be at ease use. Article copyright belongs to the shenzhen, if you want to reprint, please specify the source, thank you for your cooperation.
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