Medical cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-27
Clean swab to wipe clean only option precise application, can eliminate the pollutants, and keep the environment clean production technology of special ( Cloth can't wipe) 。 Low levels of chemical residue after wiping. Flammable, easy processing, environment friendly to environment. Most of the cleaning rod conductive level, the operator can keep grounding and tools. Apply 10 grade purification workshop, the different packaging. Medical cotton swabs, scope of application: apply to skin or wound cleaning and disinfection. Instant coating cotton swab, including the mop rod and the fixed rods the swab head end of the rod is a hollow rod, its internal storage solutions, the hollow rod is used for sealing the syrup cotton head seal fixed end, and set up one end the other end of the closed. With the existing technology, the use of the hollow rod storage solution architecture, syrup made swab itself, can use, convenient and quick. It is suitable for hospitals, family, school, hotel basic health supplies, is also very suitable for tourism.
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