Medical cotton swabs massage small swelling method

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-12
Don't look down upon medical cotton swabs, it not only can be used to cut the ear and discharge makeup, also has a powerful beauty Power, beauty is using the acupuncture principle, swab with massage acupuncture points to improve skin problems. Just 3 minutes a day, eliminate the predicament easily since morning, don't catch tight up. In the south and other heavy moisture regions, wake up every morning, MM people looking at myself. Puffiness; Face, that call a depressed ah, how can quickly eliminate dropsy, since morning shenzhen purified cotton swabs factory secretly tell you, dresser ordinary cotton swabs but detumescence beauty artifact oh, quick to learn medical swabs detumescence massage method. A, 45 degrees of inclined upwards on the nose on both sides. Not only can promote blood circulation, at the same time also can effectively improve rhinitis symptoms. Second, the 45 degrees of inclined upwards pressure on both sides of her mouth. It helps remove the facial swelling, tyra facial muscles. Three, 45 degrees of inclined upwards on the pointed chin and neck between the meridians, promote the digestive function. What are the advantages of medical cotton swabs massage? 1. Cleaning: use the discarded, ensure that won't put the dirt to the surface of the skin. 2. Massage: soft rather than hard material items, medical cotton swabs head is softer, to avoid damage. 3. Accurate: medical swab head area is small, can be more accurate and acupoint massage point to point.
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