Medical disinfection swab can reuse

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-11
Medical disinfection cotton swab swab manufacturer production head soft, elastic fiber, clean, white, no impurity; Sign the handle surface should be smooth, no burr, no spots and elastic. In a hospital, clinic, and I want to use a lot of families are medical swabs, so medical disinfection swab can reuse? Medical cotton swabs used medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, cotton swabs of cotton fiber should be soft, white, odorless, can not have macular, besmirch, foreign body. Plastic rod, wand of bar surface should be smooth, no burr, no stains, foreign bodies, and stick, bamboo rod rod surface should be smooth, no fault, can not have besmirch, foreign body. When buy should pay attention to the appearance of the medical cotton swabs, avoid to buy bad medical cotton swabs. Medical sterilizing cotton swabs for one-time use product, do not repeat use. Medical cotton swabs general direct contact with patients with wound, requiring on the sterilization process. Another is aimed at making cotton swabs absorbent cotton raw material choice, must be chosen to meet the requirements of national standards, industry standards of raw materials. And the requirement for the quality of bar, whether plastic rod, wand or sticks, should meet the specified requirements, can withstand a certain external force is not permanent variant or broken phenomenon. The final again, medical disinfection swab can't reuse, cause otherwise produce secondary pollution.
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