Medical purified cotton swabs of choose and buy needs to pay attention to?

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-05
Medical purification cotton is produced in the clean room, pass strict disinfection, it is mainly used for wound cleaning and sampling. Here, give us the clean medical swabs of choose and buy should pay attention to what. Choice, the choice to buy medical purified cotton swabs must to normal reputable manufacturer, because this is a kind of decontamination chamber to produce a clean cotton swabs, production must be strictly in accordance with the requirements for all clean room production to production, general factory is unable to meet this requirement, quality also is very difficult to secure. So select purification cotton swabs is must see clearly know manufacturer whether normal, whether to have the strength of the production of purified cotton swabs and qualifications. Then look at packaging, clean cotton swabs must be sealed, if found damaged bag, can't buy. Then see the cleanliness, if found the swab head color yellow and so on, this is likely to be the production of cotton is unqualified or have been contaminated, otherwise can cause secondary damage to the wound, so you can't buy also cannot use. And, of course, production date, product certification, etc. These also is very heavy, any products in the past cannot continue to use, medical purification cotton swabs.
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