Medical special cotton swabs, widely used

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-08

Especially in medical treatment, cotton swabs are a widely used substance in life. Most used in industry. There are many types of cotton swabs, such as clean cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs, dust-free cotton swabs, medical special cotton swabs and so on.

A special cotton swab is a kind of medical special cotton swab. The special cotton swab has good water absorption, and is made of sponge as the material, so the material is relatively soft, and the special cotton swab is sterilized by gamma ray irradiation during the production process, so the hygiene is more reliable. Therefore, the special cotton swab is very Suitable for use as a wipe. The special cotton swab is an environmentally friendly product that is easy to handle and will not pollute the environment, so even if you use more cotton swabs, you don't have to worry about causing unnecessary trouble to the environment. The demand for such products in daily operations is very high. Although they are small in size, their functions are indeed very large. There is a lot of use of such products when wiping wounds, such as the treatment of children's rhinitis. It is also a type of product with a high level of hygiene, and there is no need to worry about pollution when using it.
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