Medical sterile oral cotton swabs - the most hygienic guarantee

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-13
Medical sterile oral cotton swabs - the most hygienic guarantee

Medical sterile oral cotton swabs are often used in hospitals now. One end of this cotton swab is made of cotton, so that it will not hurt the inside of the oral cavity during use. The main function of medical sterile oral cotton swabs is that they can be used on different skins inside the oral cavity, as well as to clean and disinfect, so as to ensure the healing of patients and a certain health guarantee. In addition, it is suitable for use when applying disinfectants, which will be more hygienic and prevent bacterial infection. Its use is used in various hospitals now, which also provides more dry patients. favorable conditions. The main advantages of medical sterile oral cotton swabs, the first is that it is convenient, lightweight and easy to carry when using. The weight of a pack of cotton swabs is very light, so it will expand the scope of use when using it. The second is because the material of cotton swabs is generally made of wooden materials, which provides sufficient conditions for environmental protection and provides important conditions for protecting environmental pollution. The third is the good water absorption performance and the adsorption capacity of the high-efficiency cotton tip, which can be used for a wide range of use. Finally, there is a very low amount of dust generation, which is also very convenient for its use.
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