New markets for purified cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-14
More than in the past, the purified cotton swabs used in clean room environment, in electronics and the use of purified cotton swabs for medical devices industry is very broad. In the clean room environment, wipe the dust on the surface of the electronic component is need special cleaning supplies, need not to take off the dust at the same time has the anti-static function. But now, with the development of the society and people's emphasis on safety and health, is no longer only belongs to clean anti-static purification cotton industry, and it is also widely used in cosmetic industry and ordinary family, has is a very common everyday items. Is widely used in the beauty industry, beauty has now become the young woman's patent. In the use of skin care products do care purified cotton swabs must be used, in the industry, has a high requirement on the cotton swabs, especially in some hairdressing cosmetic industry. In cosmetic industry, cosmetic process was conducted in a clean room, has a high requirement on the environment, to ensure the clean environment, in the process of cleaning, ordinary cotton swabs can't satisfy the request, because ordinary cotton swabs without special machining process, the clean this aspect also do well. So in this case, the purified cotton swabs is preferred. So, in the future market, purified cotton swabs are subdivided, different USES for different industry, different purification cotton swabs.
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