Non-woven Wipes

Non woven wipes refer to a highly versatile and practical cleaning material that is widely used across various industries. Unlike traditional textiles, it is manufactured by bonding fibers together through mechanical, chemical, or thermal processes rather than weaving them into a fabric. This process results in a unique composition with exceptional qualities such as high absorbency, strength, softness, and lint-free characteristics. Non woven wipes are designed to efficiently trap dirt particles and liquids without leaving any residue behind. 

They are commonly utilized for tasks ranging from general cleaning purposes to specialized applications like surface preparation in the healthcare sector or industrial settings. Furthermore, these wipes can be engineered to exhibit different properties according to specific requirements - including antimicrobial treatments or enhanced durability for heavy-duty usage scenarios. Overall, non woven wipes or cleanroom wipes present an essential tool in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards while offering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness across numerous professional environments.

Cleanmo cleanroom non woven wipes are constructed from 45% Polyester and 55% cellulose which have excellent absorbency and solvent holding capacity.

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