petrol pump nozzles dangerous breeding grounds for deadly bacteria and viruses

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-01
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Refueling your car can make you sick.
Not because of the price of gasoline.
The nozzles we use to fill the tank have been added to the range of everyday items that are considered dangerous breeding sites for bacteria and virusesMail reported.
An American study by Kimberly shows that the level of the nozzle handle is worse than that of the escalator, the parking meter, the pedestrian button on the traffic signal, and the handle on the mailbox.
Found by Clark major
Flavia Huygens, associate professor of infectious diseases at QUT, warned that the fuel pump handle in Australia may contain dangerous super-bacteria a-oxygen forest-
S. aureus (MRSA)
She wants the service station to provide her customers with alcohol wipes.
Professor Assoc Huygens reviewed a study conducted on a Japanese public train that isolated and identified highly resistant S. aureus for antibiotic treatment.
She said the virus could lurk in public areas where people are exposed, especially on fuel pump handles that are used all day long.
\"The fuel pump is most likely due to the fact that this super bacteria is in contact with the hands through the skin-to-
\"Mouth contact,\" she said.
Professor Assoc Hui gens suggested that drivers wash their hands after using the fuel pump and called on the service station to provide alcohol wipes.
Richard Payne, spokesman for the Queensland Motor Trade Association, said there is no special industry procedure for the hygiene of fuel pump handles.
\"It depends on the service stations,\" he said . \".
\"BP has Manual wipes on the diesel pump and consumers should take advantage of the existing manual wipes.
RACQ spokesman Steve Spalding said the diesel pumps were not kept clean enough and suggested that disposable plastic gloves could be provided as they were at many European service stations in the diesel pumps.
\"Disposable gloves will make the service station spend a few cents, and when you look at the customer\'s spending on the tank, it\'s a small fee, he said.
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