Precautions when using dust-free cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2021-07-29

Generally speaking, the sterile cotton swab can be used after opening the bag. Note that the sterile cotton swab is taken out from the end of the wooden rod. If it is taken out from the cotton end, the bacteria on the hand will contaminate the sterile cotton.

1. Pay attention to the shelf life

Sterile cotton swabs from hospitals are mostly double-wrapped. This sterile cotton swab is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, and the shelf life is generally two weeks in the unopened state. However, in humid areas in the south, or during the rainy season in spring, the paper is easily damp, which allows bacteria to penetrate into the package. Therefore, the shelf life of sterile cotton swabs is likely to be only about one week at this time.

2. Do not use household sterile cotton swabs for wound disinfection

Generally, families do not usually use sterile cotton swabs, and there is no condition to re-sterilize the remaining cotton swabs 24 hours after opening. Therefore, it is recommended to use those sterile cotton swabs as ordinary cosmetic cotton swabs, or discard them. Do not use them for wound treatment, especially for babies.

Sterile cotton swabs are necessary for skin disinfection. Once contaminated, wounds may become infected. Some people think that anyway, cotton swabs must be moistened with some disinfectant, such as alcohol and iodophor, and a little bit of bacteria is not a problem. They don't know that disinfection and sterilization are two different concepts.

Sterilization is to kill pathogenic microorganisms on items; sterilization is to completely kill all pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms on items, including spores. Sterilization includes disinfection, and disinfection cannot replace sterilization. In other words, although disinfectants such as alcohol and iodophor can kill pathogenic microorganisms, if the cotton swab is not sterile, but contains microorganisms such as spores, the disinfectant will have no way to deal with it, and even the disinfectant will So it is contaminated. Therefore, ensuring the sterility of the cotton swab is an important measure to prevent infection.

3. It is important to save the cotton swab

When storing cotton swabs, ensure that the packaging is airtight, and note that the cotton swabs should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, and well-ventilated, and avoid high temperatures.
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