protective wig styles for natural hair

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-12
Natural hair protection style in winter months with a wide variety of hairstyles to wear, allowing your hair to rest from many daily co-ceremonies
Wash and stretch with braidsouts.
My favorite winter protection includes wearing artificial wigs and human wigs.
The main reason is that even if it\'s cold, windy or rainy outside, it allows me to wear a variety of different hairstyles.
My hair seems to be the best in a warm climate, so when I put on my natural shoes and walk to the sun, but when the cold months come, it\'s time to weave my hair into a corn row, with a lace front wig orins.
One thing to remember about how to choose the right way to protect short hair is that in a cold climate your hair will dry faster, so, you will want to wear a wig or a hair wig with a custom fit.
It may take time to grow chemically treated hair, and during the transition period you want to have a way to manage your new growth and protect your hair from unnecessary breakage.
To keep my hair uniform and healthy, I usually trim my hair every 3 months, and the reason I don\'t cut my hair is because I want my hair to grow longer.
Maintaining the style of the hair, allowing maximum hair growth, is important for achieving a large and complete African within 6 to 8 months.
Each person\'s hair will grow at different speeds, faster and slower, and it will help to keep the braids of the hair, but keeping the length of the hair is for black women with natural hair
Once your hair is longer than the shoulder length and reaches the length of the bra, you may not feel the need to put your hair on with a micro braids, box braids or tree braids.
It\'s really your personal choice, and at this point, how do you want to cultivate and keep your quirky curls.
I still suggest that you regularly rest your hair from all the products, wet covers and twists.
Winter is a good time to do so, because of unpredictable weather conditions, you don\'t know if it will snow, rain or strong winds outside.
In this case, if you have one of your favorite wigs, it will save you time and the stress of messing up your hair.
When you leave the house, you may have experienced making your hair look like a fly, and when you get home it\'s a hot mess.
Wearing a wig, a weave, and a wig will save you from embarrassment and will make you more confident.
Things to consider when weaving fake hair hats you can order online and customize the wig according to the size of your head to make sure the wig is right.
The downside is that if the wig is too close-fitting, it will be big under your natural hair.
Once your natural hair reaches near the waist length, you will find that your braids are too thick and fat in the cornrow hairstyle.
The solution to this problem is to have your hair knit into a circular motion and wrap it around your head in the shape of a basket weave so that your head will have most of the length easily tucked in.
You can get a wig one size larger than the one you usually wear.
You won\'t have this problem if your natural hair is short, as your weaving style will be closer to your scalp.
In addition, you can also sew the corn thread together to maintain a closer fit and prevent the hair from falling off after a few months.
Once you decide which wig you want to wear this winter, it\'s time to compare the brand, price and fiber.
You can choose from long, short, layered or medium length wigs with synthetic hair, human hair, and hot-friendly synthetic wigs that can curl.
This will allow you to combine straight hair, curly hair and quirky hair.
Another interesting thing is that when it comes to color, you can have dark brown hair one day and light blonde hair the next day.
Hair color trends in winter include red, pink and ombre, a gradual transition from dark to light.
Your styling options can be ponytail, updo, side braids or wash and wear, which is the versatility of protective wigs to provide natural hair for girls.
Yaki, Remy or Hand can all wear black ladies wigsTied.
Buy quality wig.
The better the quality of the cheap wig, the longer the wig you choose lasts, when you clean the wig, styling and curling it with a hot styling tool, you can wear it over and over again.
Also, they usually spend more money and as the saying goes, you get what you pay.
Not all wigs are equal. some of them will struggle, start to fall off, get burnt, or look dull and boring.
Therefore, saving costs by buying cheap wigs will allow you to spend more money when changing wigs.
Most of the time, it\'s better to buy two wigs at a time to make sure you have a spare wig if one of them is damaged or loses its luster.
I like to have both synthetic wigs and hair wigs so I can see which one will give me the look of the day or that week.
Of course, you\'ll have your favorite, and once you \'ve found the right brand for your face, be sure to stock them up before they go out of business.
Liquid adhesive and tape for lace wig is popular as it is barely visible from the hair line where you wear the wig.
The natural-looking side and matching leather caps allow you to have more features when you are in a high ponytail or pulling back the bun.
There are two ways to apply a Lacey front wig with double-sided tape or glue.
You can use a white and dry transparent invisible liquid adhesive, just remember to apply pressure so that the lace can be firmly fixed on your skin. You can use Q-
Tip cotton swab, add hair gel on the edge of the forehead.
In addition, the holding time of the glue can be from 3 days to a week.
Several other liquid adhesives for wigs are listed below: Liqui tape Silicon, waterproof Davlyn, Vapon tape free liquid, Sigma bond, Ultra hold, cream for lola, and transparent hair gel MS for Myte Tite.
These things are either packed in bottles with application brushes or in tubes.
You will find that the convenience of use will be different due to different products, some wig adhesives will be strong, and because your body\'s chemical reaction is not strong at all, there will be strong retention
Before you find the brand that best suits you, it\'s better to try different brands.
As far as double sided tape is concerned, you can get lace front support tape, overtone tape, Vapon topstick, gloss free tape, air-flex pre-cut tape.
Lace wig tape is the best option, and if you find that the glue does not work well with your body\'s chemistry, it can easily cause lifting, melting and crushing after a few days of wear and tear.
Application of gel-free lace wig in addition to the above method, another method is the so-called glue-free gel-free full lace wig method, which uses elastic bands or adjustable straps to fix the wig
How to use the elastic band in your wig is a preferred option as it will help you avoid damaging the hair on the edge and save you from pre-
Mature baldness and hair loss are called traction hair loss associated with wig glue and liquid adhesive.
Keep your edge with elastic band method.
What you need: 1. Tape Measure2. Elastic3. Curve Needle4.
First of all, you need to measure your head, from one side of the ear label to the other, which is the part close to the temple.
Once you get the number of inches, subtract at least 2 to 3 inch before you cut off the elasticity, so it fits comfortably on your head.
Next, you will sew the elastic band inside the lace front wig, just make sure that the elasticity is not cut too short, otherwise it will be too tight on your forehead and the wig will ripple, resulting in the front not lying flat.
In addition, it is better to use a fake hair clip where the back of the wig is close to the neck, and fix the wig on the woven hair.
You\'ll notice that it\'s a good idea to use a fake hair cap in order not to let your wig go around, one is good, two can keep your hair flat and not too bulky.
After you decide to chop or stop using a chemical straightener, you\'ll find it\'s best to wear a protective hairstyle when changing from a relaxed person.
To help you do this, you can ask around or watch videos on youtube where women share their stories and provide solutions to take care of quirky, cunning and curly
The best way is to keep your hair moist and keep your braids or uppers.
The key is to protect the end of the hair and keep the length to get the maximum growth.
After a few months of relaxation, some people choose to make it grow by itself by not cutting off the relaxed hair, from the chemically treated hair back to the natural hair.
The challenge is that once your new growth starts to grow, after washing your hair every week, it\'s hard to deal with the two different textures that lead to tangle and breakage.
Wet styling hair with roller set is a great way to protect your hair during the transition and can use the magnetic roller and cap dryer.
The idea for the next hairstyle is corn chops or bun updo because they have less manipulation of the hair.
The transition from relaxed hair to no hair cut can be done through the correct hair care system.
Haircuts protect wigs, ponytails, weaving, BraidsI like to mix things together occasionally, which is not uncommon.
Here are some different ways you can wear your hair this winter.
Not everyone wants to wear a wig or hair extension as a protective hairstyle.
Another option is to choose to weave your hair into a decorative braids pattern that can last for several months.
A wide variety of braids bring a good professional or trendy look to any occasion.
You can get individual miniature braids, or you can try the larger goddess braids, which may require you to add hair to weave to make them thick enough.
You can then have simple corn rows that go back from your back.
More creative can add beads, feathers, braids.
Layered body wave curves this style is suitable for casual or out-of-town activities, hair is layered, wrapped around the face with a large roll of hair, bringing a complex look to any outfit.
I like to achieve this look with a wide barrel curling stick, and if you are using a wig of medium length in human hair, you can curl it and have a smooth surface.
If you want to have a fun casual style this winter, you can try the pull rope ponytail hair piece.
In this case, all you need to do is put your hair in a high bun and smooth your edges with a Denman brush, bangs are optional.
You can choose from all textures and lengths depending on the occasion.
The best way to match the hair color is to use the color chart before ordering the updo ponytail.
Remember, if you decide to pick a synthetic one, it may not be as long as human hair, and human hair can match your hair better by dyeing.
The advantage of a vintage style finger waving a hair piece is that you can go back and put on a 1950 haircut.
One of my favorite styles is finger wave, which you can replicate with a full hair thread.
These tracks can be purchased in bulk and then sewn on the corn line.
This style lasts at least 3 months, so you want to promise to keep this style after doing your hair.
Keep it by using a wig spray to increase shine and bounce.
Without cutting your hair, you\'ll want to try a variety of protective hairstyles, transitioning from relaxed hair to nature.
The range of options is wide and you can be creative with your daily style.
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