Purification field characteristics of cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-15
Purified cotton swabs applicable fields are mainly the following: 1) Senior glass touch screen ( Including senior mobile phone, tablet, exterior panel, GPS navigator, anti-glare device, such as category, so each category of the selected purified cotton swabs is also different, so how to choose a dust-free purification cotton swabs at this time? 2) Fine appearance hardware, valve pipe fittings, mold profession, etc. ; 3) Ceramic inkjet machine, fuel injection, silk screen, dustless coating, UV, etc. ; 4) Car metal parts; 5) Plastic chrome products; 6) Disc drive, check data; 7) General optics lens; 8) Microelectronics assembly line; Purified cotton swabs features: no dust falling, does not produce dust, absorbing ability is strong, resistant to acid and alkali; This will also be able to see the purified cotton swabs for category mainly have asked these more clean, clean. Purified cotton swabs applicable scope is very wide, also involves many professional, it is a kind of widely used in electronics, optics, biology, medical clean and scrub consumables such as category, according to the fabric can be divided into polyester cloth dust-free purification cotton cloth, microfiber cloth, cotton cloth, non-woven cloth fiber, etc. Pure natural cotton fiber non-woven fabrics made by 100% pure cotton, the material for special processing method is developed. It has strong hygroscopicity and moisture resistance, antistatic, long fiber, no adhesive. High temperature resistant performance is good, to purify the swab applicable category in many professional can be used.
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