Purified cotton product advantage

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-10
Purified cotton sign is suitable for cleaning and small precision products, here we detailed introduce to you a what are the advantages of cotton products. Composition: purified cotton sign is to use clean room cleaning, strong light green polypropylene swab rod; Soft continous sign the head of the adhesion, high temperature and wear resistance, excluding pollution silicon. Second, the product features: far below the standard non-volatile residues, at the end of the quantity of dust. Clean cotton swabs convergent technology makes perfect sealing side head fixed on polypropylene handle successfully, avoid the pollution brought by the use of adhesive. The application of the antistatic technology ensures that your product is not affected by static electricity. Three, not easy to wear and tear: excluding pollution adhesives products, fine chemical solvent resistance. Four, the application occasion: cleaning products, suitable for all kinds of solvents, remove residual surplus materials. Clean cotton series products can be used with most of the solvents, is used to clean sensitive materials ( Such as various types of liquid crystal display) , electronics, Such as hard disk, CD, semiconductors) , optical instruments, optical and electron microscope, optical sensors, etc. At the same time also applies to medical industry ( Sampling, such as cell DNA tests) , the food industry, and cosmetic industries.
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