Purified cotton swabs factory tell you swab out ear?

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-07
Purified cotton swabs are everywhere in our life, the most common is that people take it to ear cleaning, but carelessly swab fell down into a ears to do? If you have any foreign body falls into the ear cotton swabs, down to the ear, first of all, if I can see to please other people to help out! Such as tweezers, gently remove! And if there is no one beside so directly to the nearest community or outpatient service, using tweezers to take out! Avoid using content to tong, lead to further purification cotton fell into the deep, finally cause lead to otitis media class! Encounter this kind of situation, it doesn't matter panic, not much of a problem, go to the hospital otolaryngology let the doctor take out. Actually falls into the ear for purified cotton swabs, basically it's nothing serious, what charge is not too expensive, but I'm not sure what specific, some theory guilds, after all, fee standards is different.
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