Purified cotton swabs innovation characteristic

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-13
Recently, specially the research in China launched a purified cotton swabs, and through the actual application, obtained the affirmation of the experts and scholars. Purification clean cotton swabs charismatic, and in the speed of the ear into health and family, a good cleaning and disinfection of the tool. Use of the excellent quality of purified cotton swabs, worth! 1, purification purification swab swab wiping head using high technology connector, connector is generally with fine fiber material, its surface is very smooth, and toughness, therefore not easy to appear in the process of wiping wiping head loose or cotton flock to fall. In addition, this swab no hard edges, so more convenient to wipe, a lot of people like to use this cotton swabs. The clean swab wiping ability is very strong, can wipe the cleaning tool is not easy to reach the place. 2, the purified cotton swabs innovative inherits the traditional purification cotton swab wiping head structure, but also implements some innovation and use. People wipe the head adopts rotating structure, can be rotated to better, and combines wiping head and sticks better, so can achieve clean and wipe the comprehensive 360 degrees. A lot of people like this, the purified cotton swabs to wipe the physical properties of the structure for a lot of people, only by constantly to wipe, will not cause secondary pollution can also clean the small parts, so many families need to be purified cotton swabs. Purified cotton swabs is an innovation of domestic cotton swabs, is also a symbol of domestic innovation ability raise, so only fully use cotton swabs, only can be a space environment more healthy, can make people more comfortable and at ease!
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