Purifying swabs swab cleaning effect is good

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-08
Purified cotton swabs, purification, swabs is one of the industrial use wipe fiber material. Mostly used in the industries of electronics, semiconductor, cracks, plane of the horn side wipe ( Have they called the clean cotton swabs, sponge stick, and so on. Cleaning swabs varieties according to the application area can be divided into, electronics, photoelectricity, swabs, health, beauty, swabs, household use, swabs, and other areas of the industry, its material, shape variety, can adapt to a variety of solvents to wipe. Production of purification, swabs can adapt to all kinds of wipes, now walk in the forefront of the domestic purification, swabs, has the very good cleaning effect, can according to the request to the enterprise to provide strong support. Purified cotton swabs, purify swabs features: 1, high cleanliness, Low dust quantity, the lower the NVR, extremely low ion release) Without silicon, ammonia, DOP. 2, good absorbency, can quickly (vi particles adsorbed wipe the head material inside. 3, solvent resistance, can effectively resist most of the erosion of the solvent. 4, environmental protection, comply with RoHS, REACH and the international standard halogen free. 5, now can produce all the industry application of various sizes of swabs ( Include polyester fabric, polyester sponge, sponge, cotton top all kinds of special applications, swabs) 。
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