Regular maintenance of the clean room of clean cotton swabs to ensure the basic quality of clean cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-31

Clean room of clean cotton swabs are regularly inspected to ensure the basic quality of clean cotton swabs. Because of their strong liquid absorption, wear resistance, and good toughness, clean cotton swabs are widely used in medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, devices, precision instruments, etc. Used for cleaning work. So how do you need to regularly overhaul the excellent clean room that produces dust-free cotton swabs in the daily production process? The dust-free environment of the production workshop is the minimum requirement in the production process of dust-free cotton swabs. Because most of the applications of dust-free cotton swabs are in the cleaning of precision instruments, it is required to keep dust-free and not stained with any dust. . In the production in the clean room, regular inspection of the clean room is necessary, otherwise it will affect the quality of the product batch, thus affecting the growth of the company's performance.
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