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by:Cleanmo      2020-04-05
Look around the house and you will find the whole place dotted with wooden furniture.
From sofas, tables, chairs to baby cots, the presence of wood in our lives cannot be ignored.
Wooden furniture not only ensures better comfort, but also adds a touch of elegance.
Most of the time, it is also considered a style statement, by choice, whether it is sparkling with a touch of modern air or with a touch of antique appeal.
It is not only residential, but also for office and commercial spaces where the presence of wood is used to provide some warmth.
But the question is how much time does their maintenance take?
In most cases, people pick up the best things, whether it\'s a sofa, crib, or even a TV stand or wardrobe cover, but once in place they don\'t care.
The occasional cleaning or dab is all the fact that it gets and loses and the furniture needs some attention and care.
Careful small measures can not only improve the life and utility of wooden furniture, but also maintain the new appearance of furniture.
More attention is needed during the rainy season and winter.
What is the general impact of the spirit of wooden furniture?
Experts blame the humidity and describe it as the main villain affecting the wood.
Wooden furniture tends to expand and shrink depending on the humidity level, as most people notice that doors and blinds refuse to settle down.
It is also noted that low humidity will eventually affect the quality of the wood by splitting or cracking.
If one is considering the possibility of polishing or painting furniture to restore it, it is better to avoid the monsoon season.
At the same time, direct and excessive exposure to the sun can also cause damage to wood and veneer.
Allowing for a long stay in the harsh sun, for a period of time, will not only affect the finish, but even the color will have the risk of fading.
The best way is to throw a protective screen on them and use blinds or curtains on windows to prevent direct exposure.
Spending some time in the store with experts before buying a piece of wooden furniture will help determine the type of finish, whether it\'s polyurethane or natural oil.
Getting tips on better keeping and caring for specific items is also helpful.
Two basic principles of wood care are regular cleaning and polishing as needed.
To clean, take a soft lint-free cotton cloth and wet it with water or furniture polish to avoid dry cloth as it may eventually scratch the surface.
It is also recommended to avoid the use of strong detergents and chemicals.
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