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safe printhead cleaner PVC wholesale for HDP5000

safe printhead cleaner PVC wholesale for HDP5000

Safe printhead cleaner PVC wholesale for HDP5000

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Compared with other products in the same category, Cleanmo's cleaning cards has the following advantages.
Company Advantages
1. Cleanmo printhead cleaner is developed with complicated electrical or electronic technologies. CNC technology, the microelectronic technique, and sensor technology have been adopted into its development by mechanical engineers.
2. printhead cleaner to be manufactured in this way is good in printhead cleaning pens.
3. Building professional quality standard strictly controls the quality of printhead cleaner .

Fargo Printhead Cleaning Kits are adhesive cleaning kits which have been designed for cleaning dirt, debris, and other contaminants from Fargo card printers, and this is the easy way to maintain the optimal printing performance. Blank cards that carry debris would potentially degrade the image quality, or even damage the printhead or other critical parts.

Fargo cleaning kits include printhead cleaning swabs, cleaning pads for general cleaning of the inside of your printer, adhesive card roller cleaning cards and alcohol card roller cleaning cards.


Safety, effective and easy to use

No polluted by external contaminants

Strong adhesive ensures the cleaning efficiency


Package ContentsCleaning Kits Includes:
50 IPA Cleaning Wipes


All Fargo Printheads

Product Type

Cleaning Kits

Manufacturer Part Number

IPA Pre-saturated Cleaning Wipes

Packaged Quantity

1 Kit/Bag


Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co.,Ltd.

Brand Name

Neutral Packing

Product Sizes

Cleaning Wipes,125x152mm

❈ Technical Details

safe printhead cleaner PVC wholesale for HDP5000-1
Standard Packing Information

Keep your Fargo printer running at peak performance! For continued high-quality ID card printing, we recommend a good cleaning every 700–1,000 prints. This kit includes printhead swabs, gauze pads, cleaning cards, alcohol cards, and instructions to clean your All Fargo Printers.

❈ Packing

safe printhead cleaner PVC wholesale for HDP5000-2

Packing material:Paper Box
Packing details:40 IPA  Cleaning Wipes

❈ Product Application

safe printhead cleaner PVC wholesale for HDP5000-3

Product Application

-  TThis kit can be used with All Fargo printheads

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co., Ltd. has a large number of global loyal customers.
2. We have the capability of researching and developing state-of-the-art technologies of printhead cleaner .
3. Our ultimate goal is to be a fashionable and modern fargo cleaning kit supplier. Contact us! Cleanmo will consistently provide superior printhead cleaner . Contact us! Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co., Ltd. is ready to provide you with a full range of services. Contact us!
Cleanmo fargo cleaning kit is the outcome of thermodynamics knowledge. Its whole body part especially the air circulation parts are made with special materials and circulating layout. It is added with food-grade waterproof and oil-proof additives
Cleanmo fargo cleaning kit is designed and optimized exclusively. Many factors which affect its performance such as materials, air circulation parts, housing finish are all considered during its design. The product can be supplied with a customized logo
The quality control of Cleanmo printhead cleaner is conducted rigorously. It is tested in terms of its air circulation, surface treatment, as well as the most important part, thermal dissipation performance. When burning, it won't produce carbon dioxide and can reduce air pollution
Cleanmo printhead cleaner is the outcome of combined theories. It is developed adopting the knowledge of heat convection, radiation, and conduction by the R&D department. It is healthy for children to use
During the developing stage of Cleanmo printhead cleaning pens, air velocity, choice of material, protrusion, and surface treatment have been seriously considered by the R&D department who strives to achieve optimized thermal dissipation effect. It has received wide recognition in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and other overseas regions
The high-grade fabric of this product dries very quickly. It will suck up the moisture and diverts it away from the body. The product is free from chemicals and is totally natural
Its fabric prevents microbes from adhering on its surface, which keeps harmful things like mildew, pathogens, and other irritants in the air out of the sleep sanctuary. The product is characterized by liquid resistance
This product has the required stiffness. Due to its mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and hardness, it can withstand different failure modes. It can save money, time, and manpower when being used in parties
This product can withstand the most stringent industrial conditions. It is made of new materials, such as improved steel alloys and other composites, which are durable enough. When burning, it won't produce carbon dioxide and can reduce air pollution
This product is recyclable. Even if one just throws it away (which is not advisable), the material would naturally degrade without harming the environment. It features high strength after being processed by several phases of production
The product features the desired safety. Its potential mechanical risks, electrical hazards, and sharp edges are kept under tight control. The product won't cause white pollution
This product has revolutionized the methods of production and has increased productivity, production, and income, thereby leading to rapid economic growth. The product is highly popular in the food packaging industry
For people who want a garment that can keep the same shape it had and to neither stretch out nor shrink over time, this product is the best choice. When burning, it won't produce carbon dioxide and can reduce air pollution
Personally speaking, it makes the individual look charm and vigorous and helps people increasingly focus on the desire for beauty. It can resist 120° C hot oil and 100 ° C hot water
This product can help relieve the feet and toe problems. It offers enough wearing comfort for those with bunions, ingrown toenails, knee osteoarthritis, etc. Made by the high-heat process, it can be ideal for hot food
This product has not only a unique design but also fulfils the basic needs–and sometimes more–of practical, useful furniture. - Said one of our customers. The product will be returned to nature as organic fertilizer
This product will help express a lot about the wearers. Dressing this product will allow the wearer to show off their personal style. The product will be returned to nature as organic fertilizer
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