Small details of daily management of clean cloth

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-21

Nowadays, there are many ultra-fine dust-free cloth manufacturers of different sizes in the market, and each manufacturer has different quotations for the products. The daily management of whether or not to find such products is very important, which is related to the final quality of the products. As a common material, ultra-fine dust-free cloth has played a very important role in many fields, and with the gradual use of various social strata, the market demand has also greatly increased, and the relevant information of this type of products has attracted widespread attention. . So how to manage and use this ultra-fine dust-free cloth?

1. For dust-free cloths of different colors and specifications, it is best to place them separately, especially white cloths should be placed separately, otherwise there will be dyeing phenomenon, and then the price will be reduced in the transaction. In addition, in the daily management of ultra-fine dust-free fabrics, we must ensure that the storage environment is kept in a dry and ventilated state. In addition, there should be no corrosive gases or liquids in the environment where such fabrics are stored. You can put some The desiccant is in the indoor environment, but do not directly touch the cloth, otherwise it will bring certain harm.

2. When sewing this type of cloth, try not to use operations such as pushing, ironing, and pulling. Because of the characteristics of the material itself, this operation is not easy to carry out. The details that merchants in different regions need to pay attention to when using this type of cloth are different.

3. In normal use, if you want to do the corresponding cleaning work, then for the choice of cleaning agent, you must choose cleaning products with maintenance properties. At present, there are special cleaning products for clean cloths on the market, try not to use soapy water, especially alcohol and water, both of which will cause the fibers in the clean cloth to deteriorate.

4. After cleaning, hang the ultra-fine dust-free cloth in a ventilated and cool place. Never hang it directly in a place exposed to the sun, and do not fold it. After drying, it should be flat and flat, and the dust-free cloth should not be stacked on it. heavy objects.

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