Specific use of dust-free cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-14
Specific use of dust-free cotton swabs

The specific use of dust-free cotton swabs does not depend on the size of the cotton swab, but its cleaning ability is very powerful. When the previous cotton swab was used, cotton dust would fly around, which would affect its cleaning ability. Now with the increasingly high requirements for dust-free in all walks of life, cotton swabs are provided with more complete functions. People have invented dust-free cotton swabs. Dust-free cotton swabs not only make up for the flying debris problem of old cotton swabs, but also strengthen the cleaning ability. . Dust-free cotton swabs are an essential item in the industrial production process. Dust-free cotton swabs are required for wiping equipment or for disinfection and sterilization. Dust-free cotton swabs have gradually replaced pure cotton swabs. The high-level environment is clean and harmless to the environment and health. Dust-free cotton swabs are very suitable in industrial environments. Using knitted nylon cloth as the cloth head can not only be used repeatedly, but also can reduce the wear resistance, reduce the investment in cotton swabs, and is environmentally friendly and hygienic. If you need to wipe precision instruments, it is recommended to use ultra-fine fiber, which not only wipes finely but also does not easily leave dust and debris. Dust-free cotton swabs wipe the smooth surface of the instrument, and his wear resistance is significantly lower. If you need to wipe the optical fiber equipment, then you need to use a professional cotton swab, and you need a fine fiber woven by the machine. This fiber is very durable and can be used to wipe the optical fiber, and the degree of cleanliness is obvious. If the surface of the instrument is too dirty, it can be wiped with knitted polyester. The wiping ability of knitted polyester with dust-free cotton swabs is average, but it can absorb more garbage and waste, and its gap is deep, so it can accommodate more garbage. . Dust-free cotton swabs have different requirements for different environments, and need to be dealt with according to the actual situation. Because the dust-free cotton swab itself is a dust-free treatment structure, it is necessary to pay attention to storage to prevent secondary pollution.
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