Sponge tip cotton swabs - clean products

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-27

There are many types of cotton swabs, and sponge-tipped cotton swabs are also a type of cotton swabs. Among them, there are different cotton swabs such as dust-free wiper, medical cotton swab and beauty special cotton swab, all of which are instant cotton swabs. In daily life, the difference between dust-free wiping sticks and cotton swabs is not particularly big, but there are substantial differences. The sponge head of the cotton swab is in two cases, the sponge head and the cloth head. The cotton head of the cotton swab is packaged in a clean room, so it is a high-level dust-free environment. The wiping consumables used must meet the material requirements. The wiping paper usually used can only wipe the product in the ordinary environment. The clean cotton swabs in the sponge-tip cotton swabs are the most popular cotton swabs on the market. The cleanliness level used is relatively high, especially when used in special environments for cleaning, which can eliminate contaminants and perform persistent cleaning. The chemical substances remaining on the surface after wiping are relatively low flammable, and the disposal is relatively convenient, and most of the cotton swabs used are conductive and have no pollution to the surrounding environment. The packaging is also different.
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