Sponge Wipe Stick - Dust-free Wipe Consumables

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-27

Although sponge wiping sticks are an inconspicuous product, they have many uses, and they are needed in many operations. They are an important wiping product, so they are used in the field of medicine. Use is a lot. Those medicines will be used for wiping, so that pollution can be avoided, so it is also a type of product with high hygiene. Such products are made of good materials, which will make their performance even better. Sponge wiping sticks are a kind of dust-free wiping consumables in the industry, and most of them are used for wiping the corners, gaps and surfaces of electronic and semiconductor equipment. Such wiping sticks are also very special, and they are specially used for wiping rhinitis medicines, and they are also used when the maintenance liquid is used, and they are used a lot in the dust-free workshop. . Such products have many performance characteristics themselves, and their use is to have good corrosion resistance.
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