still shimmering from new year’s? here are 3 ways to get rid of glitter

by:Cleanmo      2020-02-28
Flash is the worst.
There is a reason why theater children call it \"drama herpes.
\"Once you put it on one piece of clothing, it will definitely appear on the other piece of clothing, covering your skin, sometimes in a few days and weeks.
Maybe you still have flash on New Year\'s Eve \"OOTD (
Today\'s costume, for those of us who fell asleep before 11m. )
Or maybe you will find it around the house after a craft night.
No matter how you end up in a sparkling predicament, the best treatments are sticky based on the methods you search out from the Internet.
We tested these strategies to remove the nasty flash on cotton T-shirt.
Test 1: Lint roller test: use a lint roller with tear-free parts (
Not cotton brush)
, Repeatedly rolling on the flash-effected areas.
Remove the strip from the roller, handle and repeat as needed.
Results: the handle of the lint roller helps to prevent the flash from spreading to your hand, and the size of the adhesive paper helps to quickly cover a large area.
But some lint rollers are too sticky, so they pull the clothes too tight.
Use the lint roller slowly and carefully, otherwise you will throw the glitter over and make the problem worse.
Grade: 6/10 Test 2: tapthe test: keep the fun of craft night and make your hands mummified with tape.
Wrap your master hands with tape so they turn into sticky gloves.
Pat together covering the area of sparkling clothes.
Pack your hands repeatedly and handle the tape as needed.
The result: it\'s a pleasant trick, but it\'s not that effective.
The tape does not provide the flexibility required for specific flash spots.
It works fine, but you may need to use another solution to complete the treatment.
Rating: 5/10 Test 3: simulated clay test: another process Night solution that makes cleaning enjoyable.
Grab a clay model ball like play
Doh was originally invented to clean the soot on the wallpaper of the 1930 s, and it will flash on the area of the clothes.
Refill as needed to reveal unused parts of the clay.
Results: although not too sticky compared to the first two methods, the clay model is softer and can be reused rather than thrown away.
The glittering drama
Doh may be a great addition to future craft projects.
Rating: 7/10 conclusion different from tape method, play-
Doh can target small spots, unlike the lint roller method, Play-
Doh won\'t be too sticky or dirty and flashes everywhere.
The next time you choose to flash, choose a larger flash that is easier to clean, or simply avoid the flash, which is really the only precaution.
Jonathan Fulani is from Toronto.
Find ways to make everything easier.
Still looking for a life hack to six-pack abs.
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