Tacky Rollers

Tacky rollers are small, handheld devices that have a sticky surface used to remove dust, hair, lint and other debris from almost any surface. Cleanroom Tacky Roller come in various sizes and shapes making them versatile for different cleaning needs. The tacky surface of these rollers is made up of an adhesive material that clings onto dirt particles as you roll it over the surfaces. The stickiness can last for multiple uses until it becomes too dirty or loses its effectiveness.

Tacky rollers are an essential tool in many industries, including printing, manufacturing and cleaning. Cleanroom sticky rollers provide numerous benefits that make them highly effective at removing contaminants from surfaces

Using tacky rollers offers many advantages for businesses looking for an affordable yet effective way to keep their equipment clean. With the right maintenance practices in place, they can help reduce downtime caused by contaminated machinery while improving overall efficiency and productivity.

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