The advantages of clean cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-30
Cotton swabs, though small, but its efficacy is more complete, the previous use cotton swabs, cotton dust flying everywhere, but can't reach the effect of cleaning. But now scientists innovative development requirements of clean and provides a more complete cotton swabs. People invented the corresponding clean cotton swabs, clean cotton swabs to avoid the old cotton fly dandruff, also avoid the originally appeared the problem such as cleaning not clean enough. 1, clean cotton swabs of clean cotton swabs relatively better performance, it can tolerate the corrosion of alcohol, so it can prevent alcohol volatilization, also can use alcohol to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In addition, this kind of cotton swabs fusion agent such as formaldehyde or grease can also accept, people can absorb formaldehyde or grease, with its corresponding cleaning and sanitization. In addition, the clean cotton swabs also can wear, very soft, to stain the ability is relatively high. This is a transformative development for cotton swabs, believe that after further development, clean cotton swabs can achieve better development! 2, the role of clean swab swab, volume is small, and the cotton swab head is relatively soft, through the innovation of the cotton swabs and a new effect, that is high strength ability to clean up. People can realize the efficacy of cleaning and hygiene through clean cotton swabs, can help people clean sanitation. A lot of people like clean cotton swabs, because the swab can better clean up some small corner, and for a lot of people body also have certain health benefits. The original texture of cotton swabs are more prone to cotton dust flying, and for their friends who go on cotton flock allergy, there is life, so need to be careful using cotton, so can only be more healthy!
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