The characteristics and working principle of microfiber dust-free cloth

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-24

Microfiber wipes and cleaning wipes are both microfiber. Microfiber dust-free cloth is one of the rapidly developing differentiated fibers, known as a new generation of synthetic fibers. It is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw material. A typical representative of the new synthetic fiber, it is woven from ultra-fine and tough fibers, with super strong organizational structure, soft and tough characteristics, neither damage to the work and the advantages of low dust and low ion content.

Features of Microfiber Cleanroom Cloth

1. It has excellent dust removal effect and has anti-static function;

2.] The surface of the clean cloth is soft and will not scratch the surface of the components;

3. The microfiber clean cloth has fast water absorption efficiency;

4. The microfiber dust-free cloth provides sufficient dry and wet strength;

5. Laser edge sealing is adopted, with low dust fall and low ion content;

6. The microfiber dust-free cloth is resistant to corrosion and has strong wear resistance;

Uses of microfiber wipes

1. Laboratory;

2. PCB products;

3. Microprocessor;

4. Medical equipment;

5. Aviation industry;

6. Precision instruments;

7. Optical products;

8. Circuit board production line;

9. LCD display products;

10. Dust-free workshop and production line.

11. Disc drives, composite materials;

12. Semiconductor production line chip, semiconductor assembly production line;

Microfiber dust-free cloth is mainly used in household cleaning, kitchen cleaning, car cleaning, rags, hotel cleaning, industrial cleaning and other fields. The woven cloth in the microfiber cloth is a dust-free cloth. Soft and delicate, mainly used for glasses cloth, electronic product wiping cloth, lens wiping cloth, jewelry wiping, etc.
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